Beat bugs with Zevo.


Zevo, a P&G-owned arsenal of safe-around-people-and-pets pest control, is aiming to be consumers’ go-to option to fend off the rise of creepy crawlers and fussy flyers in and around the home. To do so, they needed to craft a new creative platform that educates consumers about Zevo and drives awareness and sales.

See ya.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s worse: the bugs or getting rid of them. Instead of toxic or fumy bug sprays, unsightly traps or maniacal swatting, Zevo offers simpler, more people-friendly solutions that get the job done. Zevo Sprays are made with essential oils that attack bugs’ biological systems, plus are safe for use around people and pets.* Sounds nice, huh?

Meanwhile, Zevo Traps work around the clock attracting and trapping bugs with blue and UV light—not odors or chemical insecticides. Just plug it in, sit back and relax.

*when used as directed

Creating buzz.

To get the word out, Zevo needed a blitz of new creative across various platforms. In TV and online video, we pitted the Zen-like Zevo experience against an array of other bug-killing methods in a series of playful side-by-side spots.

In audio, we leaned into the “People-Friendly” element by remixing classic nursery rhymes to emphasize the ease, safety and effectiveness of the sprays and traps.

Spanning the web.

The spirit of the television spots lives on in social where we highlighted smaller-scale moments that showcase Zevo’s safety and efficacy.

We also refreshed Zevo’s website assets with new product and lifestyle photography that complemented the message and vibrancy of the campaign.

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