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Soak it in.

Soak in all life has to offer.

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Time in the bathtub is often seen as a luxury, a time out and away. But a good soak doesn’t have to be so aspirational. Dr Teal’s is redefining the bath experience so that every soak calms your mind, rejuvenates your body, and soothes your sore muscles – bringing you closer to the special moments that only come when you are fully present.

Marketing Challenge

Take time to make time.

Our consumer is a multi-tasking ninja – juggling kids, friends, work, life, relationships, and family every day. She has a to-do list a mile long, but happily supports others and accomplishes her tasks. 

She is looking for easy ways to alleviate stress at home and incorporate wellness where possible. She seeks ways to manage her and her family’s health and emotional wellbeing. She is busy but wants to be more mindfully present and productive each day.

Because of this, personal care products must multi-task. Consumers are looking for products that offer both a functional and emotional benefit.


Soak in Dr Teal’s, so you can soak in all life has to offer.

Life is a collection of small moments. And if we’re not careful, the swirl of a busy life can cause us to miss the moments that make life magical.  The moments when we want to soak in life and be fully present in mind, body and spirit. That’s where Dr Teal’s come in. But how do we reveal that Dr Teal’s Epsom salts and essential oils help us soak it all in? We make those moments the hero. 

Soak it in.

Every Dr Teal’s product has a dual benefit (i.e. magnesium + essential oils) that’s specifically formulated to keep you rejuvenated throughout your day. Our brand promise is to deliver recipes inspired by the power of nature to recharge mind, body, and spirit. 

The final campaign shows how soaking in Dr Teal’s restores and rejuvenates your mind and body so you can be fully present, ready to soak in all of life’s special moments – especially the prized, perfect moments you never want to miss.


Consumers can catch a glimpse of the “Soak it in”  campaign on CTV, OTT, as well as on social media.

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