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Time in the bathtub is often seen as a luxury – a time to break out the candles, rose petals, and designer bath bombs. But Dr Teals knows good soak doesn’t have to be so aspirational. That’s why they’re on a mission to redefine the bath experience. Because when quality time in the tub is more about recentering your mind and rejuvenating your body – it’s easier to enjoy the moments that only come when you’re fully present. 

Marketing Challenge

Take time to make time.

Beloved by star athletes and hardcore bath-lovers, Dr Teal’s products already show up in millions of bathrooms across the country. But after years of relentless multitasking and unforgiving schedules, we knew a broader audience was ready to pause and reprioritize what really matters. That’s where the Epsom salts and essential oils of Dr Teal’s come in. But how do we reveal that Dr Teals helps you soak it all in? We make moments of mindfulness – both inside the tub and out – the hero.

But first, a bath.

Of all of our campaign ideas, “Soak it in” floated to the top. Following the story of three women across video, social, digital, and PR, the campaign reimagines self-care as not just an occasional indulgence, but a daily ritual that’s necessary to experience life’s little joys. Besides indulgent shots in the tub, “Soak it in” spotlights moments of aspirational mindfulness. From pausing in the woods to dancing in the kitchen – we set out to show how the benefits of a good soak transcend the bathtub. And let’s just say, the story resonated.

An a-list integration.

The only thing missing from the campaign? A beloved content am-badass-ador to help millions of viewers coast-to-coast soak in our message. That's when we partnered with HGTV and Christina Hall to execute a custom integrated campaign for the holiday season. Not only is this the time of year Dr Teals flies off the shelf, but it's also the perfect time to remind women of the importance of self-care.

Our multi-tactical approach included custom elements across television, digital, and social. The main attraction? A Dr Teals family of products feature in a primetime episode of Christina on the Coast with custom units promoting and leading up to the integration. To maximize our partnership with Christina, we also created a custom :30 for cable, VOD, HGTV Go, and Discovery+. Finally, we tapped Christina to film a custom :60 social video for use across HGTV, Dr Teals, and Christina's own social channels. If this sounds like a lot, it is. Our Direct Partnerships team more than doubled the program value thanks to incremental media negotiations.

The results

Within preliminary third-party launch tests, the campaign has already scored 97% more effective than competitors in the category and higher for purchase intent than any other campaign in the brand’s history. Better yet, Soak It In earned a 102 GEM score from SeeHER – indicating appropriate representation and effectiveness with the target consumer. With results like these, it’s safe to say that despite the anxieties of pandemic life, taking a moment to be your best self is here to stay.

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