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“Organic.” These days, that’s table stakes. Consumers want their food to be more. Specifically, more humane and more sustainable. Located in the quaint Shenandoah Valley, Farmer Focus is on a mission to change the farming industry for good by redefining organic. By putting the spotlight on the farmers and their stories, Farmer Focus shows that there’s a whole lot more to organic.

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What's the difference?

Farmer Focus is on a mission to change farming for good. To do that, it  starts by driving awareness and meaningful differentiation between those who claim to be organic and those who are willing to go beyond just organic.

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We’re redefining “organic.”

Consumers typically buy organic because of the added health benefits and better taste. The organic space, however, is cluttered with so many claims like cage-free, free-range, organic, humane, sustainable, yadda, yadda, yadda.  To win the hearts—and plates—of consumers, we had to redefine organic.

Farmer Focus puts their certifications in high regard—from sustainability and the humane treatment of birds to the ethical treatment of their farmers. That’s why every package of Farmer Focus chicken includes a code tied to a farm, so the consumer can learn exactly where and how the chicken was raised and learn the story of the farmer raising it. 

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Making organic mean more.

“Make Organic Mean More” emphasizes Farmer Focus’s mission to revolutionize modern-day farming and elevate the farming practices by putting the focus back on the farmer. Because when farmers are given the freedom to farm their own way, they farm the right way.
The campaign features three real farmers who prioritize the humane treatment of their birds. Their stories include a farmer sleeping in the barn with his chickens and another moving across the globe to raise chickens, and her family, in the most humane and sustainable way.

“The Maverick”
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Feast your eyes.

Consumers can catch a glimpse of the “Making Organic Mean More” campaign on CTV, OTT and in OLV, as well as on social media. 


Winner winner chicken dinner.

It didn't take long for our campaign to win big with consumers. In just a few short months, awareness jumped 22% – exceeding benchmarks by 11 pts. Additionally, mid-funnel metrics like consideration and favorability jumped 21% – boosting purchase intent by 3% and contributing to a huge burst in sales. With results like these, it's safe to say that doing things the right way isn't great for chickens, it's great for business.

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