Western & Southern Financial Group

Planning for tomorrow, today.

Living in a gray area.


“In these trying times” is a phrase we’ve all heard a million times, and for Western & Southern, it was especially relevant. Competitors releasing COVID-19 relevant work addressing their pandemic-friendly operations compounded with the fact that Western & Southern had an awareness problem surrounded their business with a big gray cloud of uncertainty. And while people recognized the Western & Southern brand name, they seemed to as know as little about Western & Southern’s offerings as they did about their own finances. That’s where we came in to put things in black and white.

“Look Ahead”
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Strategically planning for the future.

Research showed that the overwhelming majority of our target audience, adults 35-64, were not planning adequately for retirement, nor for the financial fallout of a potential major life event. And with the COVID-19 pandemic in full force, uncertainty regarding both finances and the future was at an all-time high. With these findings, we uncovered a unique path forward for the brand and positioned the financial tools and protections of Western and Southern as ways to make an unpredictable future a little more predictable.

Creating assurance insurance.

With a clear vision for combatting an unclear future, we created the “Look Ahead” campaign which positions the road ahead as something to embrace, rather than something to fear. We launched the campaign at the Western and Southern Open (one of the first televised sporting events to occur since the U.S. postponed sports due to COVID-19), and used print, TV, CTV and social as ways to offer a targeted message of hope to all of those feeling gripped by the financial uncertainty of the present moment.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.