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Feeling pressure from DTC retailers, Stearns & Foster — one of the world’s first premium mattress companies — needed a refresh. As part of the relaunch, Stearns & Foster revamped the product line with new, ultra-luxurious offerings that look as stunning as they are comfortable. But to truly compete in today’s market, the online shopping experience also needed a posh upgrade. Our mission: Create a cross-channel campaign that made finding a mattress that’s both functional and beautiful a true delight.

Uncovering our target.

We combined Simmons and social data to identify a group of people we called “Discerning Decorators” who see their bedroom as more than a place to sleep — often filling it with curated, hand-crafted items. To understand the emotional side of our target, we also deployed bullet board research to give us an ethnographic perspective. We discovered that when Discerning Decorators buy a mattress, they’re not just searching for the most comfortable bed to sleep on; they’re searching for the most visually appealing piece that completes their bedroom.

Behind the sheets of an exceptional night’s sleep.

To highlight the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of a Stearns & Foster mattress, we created "Uncover Exceptional" – an audience-centric, performance-driven customer journey and comms plan. The campaign emphasized modularity so the brand could create all the assets required for retail, broadcast, digital and social. Custom creative featured each handcrafted mattress designed in reverse – giving the viewer insight into every step of the production process.

One spot. Countless executions.

This concept allowed for short product-specific sequences to be extracted from the full film – allowing us to cater to both the broadcast and the snackable media habits of the audience. Most importantly, it gave retailers a remarkable way to “uncover exceptional” on the showroom floor — boosting sales by 15%.

Airvent :15
Aesthetics :15
Intellicoil :15
Memory Foam :15

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