Borden dairy

Glass half full.

Tapping into nostalgia to engage a new audience and expand distribution.


One thing Elsie the Cow has always stood for is pure, simple joy. It’s also what millennial moms want more of, especially in a world where optimism is hard to find.

To reach a new audience, we did what Elsie would do. Spread a little joy where they already are: on social and streaming.

Borden’s cash cow: a can-do attitude.

The new positioning, Glass Half Full, leverages the customer journey to connect with modern day moms throughout their day. Glass Half Full is not just a tagline: It’s a philosophy, a spirit, and a daily reminder for millennial moms that nothing can stop them. To bring this to life, we created candid spots that highlight the joy a glass half full can bring – featuring an adorable cast.

Raise a glass to inspiring social.

Following Elsie the Cow on Instagram means filling your feed with inspirational moosings, delicious recipes and all-around cuteness.

Our half-full glass... runneth over.

The campaign holds a nearly 50% engagement rate on social media. This extraordinary engagement has led to the successful launch of three new milk flavors at the Texas State Fair: Banana Taffy, Blueberry Cobbler and Cotton Candy. The success of Glass Half Full has also helped Borden expand distribution to new stores and territories.

borden dairy trucks

Big idea meets big rig.

Glass Half Full was born to travel. Borden’s new fleet of trucks has racked up millions of impressions while on the road.

borden dairy milk caps

To top it all off.

Positivity down to the last drop. We capped off our campaign with a series of milk caps that’ll help our audience start their day with a smile.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.