Brand icon turned social influencer.

150 Million impressions later: BUSH’S Beans® captured the hearts and minds of millennials.

Social media

How can a century-old bean brand connect with the next generation of bean eaters? You give them someone to love. To draw in millennials, we relaunched Duke Bush, the brand’s beloved spokesdog, as a full-fledged Instagram influencer. Amongst soft product plugs and brand partnerships, we filled Duke’s feed with travel, hobbies, nights at the office, workout selfies and red carpet shots.

Duke’s explosive social presence has led to a 65% millennial following, DTC partnerships with retailers such as Peapod, and has even allowed him to host a VIP event at Petcon, the world's largest gathering of pet influencers.

Living that golden life.

Thanks to his transition from spokesdog in commercials to social influencer, Duke is able to authentically comment on cultural moments. He’s posted about the release of Taylor Swift’s ME! single, Stranger Things Season 3 and the premiere of the new Mr. Roger’s movie — giving BUSH’s Beans a platform to tap into trending topics.

An influencer at his core.

Thanks to his newfound Instagram fame, Duke has a platform to share his love of BUSH’S Beans with the world. He’s even helped Bush’s enter DTC in an authentic way by personally delivering cans of BUSH’S Beans to his biggest fans and top influencers.

Duke’s #Squadgoals

In June 2019, Duke was invited to attend Petcon, the world’s premier conference for pet influencers, in Los Angeles to launch his Instagram and learn from the best influencer pups in the biz. While in LA, Duke hosted a VIP event for the likes of Harlow and Sage (1.7MM followers), Crusoe the Dachshund (770K followers), Rocco Roni (124K followers) and greeted fans from his own branded booth.

It was a perfect debut to social media that resulted in him going from 0 to 4,500 followers in one weekend and making some new friends along the way.

"Protip: there's always a cold side of the pillow when you have four pillows. #thoughtleadership.

- Duke Bush

Double taps from a new audience.

Instagram’s favorite golden boy gets love from fans of all ages.

Since his launch in June 2019, Duke’s content has garnered over 150 million earned impressions and more than 17K followers to his profile. His undeniable charm has spurred his fans (a.k.a. #BeanSprouts) to create oil paintings, post insta-tributes, and even pitch product ideas. Better yet: 65% of Duke’s fanbase is under the age of 35 — allowing BUSH’S to have a daily conversation with a new audience.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.