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Nothing says a powerful connection like a 30% increase in sales.

Social Media

When it comes to great connections, people often think two things: memorable human moments and blazing-fast internet speeds. At Cincinnati Bell, we want you to think both.

To make this happen, we needed to keep Cincinnati Bell’s exceptional service and speedy offerings top-of-mind. Staying on top of the local, telecom food chain meant delivering a simple, hyper-targeted message.

“The Connection Behind Your Connection”
Broadcast :60

A message of Connection.

When you’re targeting several distinct audiences, you have to be incredibly intentional with how you craft your message. The crux of our campaign is based upon the power of meaningful connections, but this means something entirely different for each of our consumers.

Our solve: We created customized messaging tailored specially for each audience, and mapped that messaging back to target-specific media models that evaluated platforms, frequency and their current relationship with the brand.

“That First Connection Feeling”
Loft :15
“That First Connection Feeling”
Movie Night :15
“That First Connection Feeling”
Connected Life Store :15

30% increase in sales.

20% increase in call volume.

100% clear connection.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.