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When it comes to great connections, people often think two things: memorable human moments and blazing-fast internet speeds. At Cincinnati Bell, we want you to think both.

To make this happen, we needed to keep Cincinnati Bell’s exceptional service and speedy offerings top-of-mind. Staying on top of the local, telecom food chain meant delivering a simple, hyper-targeted message.

“The Connection Behind Your Connection”
Broadcast :60

Three distinct audiences. One message.

To best connect with our three audiences, we had to tailor our message to each demographic. That meant three distinct spots with a unifying sentiment: Whether it’s with a person, a service or technology, we’re all looking for meaningful connections. And when they happen, they make a difference in our lives.

“That First Connection Feeling”
Loft :15
“That First Connection Feeling”
Movie Night :15
“That First Connection Feeling”
Connected Life Store :15

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.