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For decades, Formica has been the world-renowned leader in surfacing solutions. But with increased pressure from other surfacing providers, Formica® needed a way to stay fresh with the next generation of decision makers. The ultimate challenge? Getting designers and DIY-ers to choose Formica surfaces for their projects. To convince them, Formica needed designers and consumers to see themselves in a Formica space.

A surface for every style.

Formica has two audiences: commercial designers and residential consumers. To authentically reach both audiences, we needed to determine where their behaviors overlapped. After researching design and home improvement trends, we found that 75% of the audience wants their personalities to be expressed in their living spaces. We were also able to determine that when consumers are selecting a surface, 44% are often overwhelmed by all of the choices. These insights influenced the development of “Find Your Perfect,” a campaign that brings designers’ visions to life with surfaces that reflect their personal style.

Bringing the vision to life.

Whether in the commercial or residential space, the Find Your Perfect™ campaign positions Formica® laminate as the perfect balance of form and function for any space. This campaign goes beyond the industry norms to show the other side of an interior design story: the person who designed the space.

Paralleling style and surface.

The Find Your Perfect™ campaign came to life in Formica’s instagram content strategy, showing the parallel between personal style and the many Formica® surfaces.

The results.

Two months after the Find Your Perfect™ launch, lookbook downloads (the primary KPI) had more than doubled that of the 2018 campaign. By month three, lookbook downloads totalled 7,123, exceeding the full campaign goal of 5000 downloads with six months remaining.One month after campaign launch, website traffic to increased 29% YOY, and remained 23% higher YOY a month later.

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