Imagine the possibilities.

Bridging the 2020 digital divide.

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In 2020, America’s growing digital divide was exposed like never before. While the world moved online, those without reliable internet access were getting left behind.

That’s when Cincinnati Bell turned their attention to bridging the gap and connecting places that needed it most — rural areas, low-income communities, and public spaces. Because at Cincinnati Bell, they’re just not imagining the possibilities — they’re building them.

“Imagine the Possibilities with Fiber”
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The strategy of imagination.

While 53% of Americans say the internet was essential during the Covid-19 outbreak, research showed adults living in rural areas felt high-speed internet access was a significant problem in their community. For Cincinnati Bell, the answer was clear: Expand and make high-speed internet a reality for new communities. This meant increasing their fiber build and reinvesting in programs that make reliable internet more accessible in underserved areas. In the end, we wanted this campaign to show the limitless possibilities that come with fiber. Both to those who already have access, and those who don’t — yet.  

The possibilities of Fiber.

The possibilities of Fiber are limitless. It’s helping businesses, healthcare facilities and schools evolve to be faster, smarter, and more efficient. But the reality remains, even with billions of dollars of investment, Fiber still isn’t available to everyone, everywhere quite yet. But we’re getting close. And with even more investment coming this year, Cincinnati Bell intends to end the digital divide once and for all.

So, we asked, “What if everyone had access to Fiber?”
Imagine the possibilities!

“Imagine a World”
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the big idea

Pure imagination.

With the help of Gene Wilder’s classic track “Pure Imagination”, we imagine a world where high-speed, future-proof Fiber Internet is available to all. A hopeful, young voice narrates the story, as we visualize Fiber powering the connections along the way. 

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.