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When you’re a mom, there are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and cold and flu. And we know cold and flu season brings nasty boogies tissues alone can’t solve. Enter the saline-clearing magic of Boogie Wipes®. While moms are aware of Boogie Wipes®, many never make a purchase because, well, who needs another wipe? Eager to prove that Boogie Wipes® are a must-have during cold and flu season, Curiosity leveraged its in-house production studio, Curio, and media team to create a digital-first experience featuring real families. The campaign ran across social, audio, digital, and paid search ads, reaching mom in every stage of her purchase journey, helping her bid farewell to boogies once and for all. 

Insights on giving boogies the cold shoulder.

To reach moms with children ages 0-3, the age when boogie fighting is the hardest, we researched how parents feel when their child gets a cold. We found that most parents know what to do when their kids are sick, but 58% of these same parents feel worried, sympathetic, and occasionally unprepared when their kids aren’t feeling well. And with a global pandemic forcing moms everywhere into even more of a “do it all” role, we found that 44% of them were open to parenting advice from brands. This insight gave Boogie® Brands permission to serve a vital role in supporting moms as they handle these new challenges.

Shifting from boogie banter to healthy help.

In order to put a fresh spin on a timeless issue, we ditched Boogie® Brands’ playful booger talk in favor of a more health and wellness-focused approach. Given that Boogie® Brands’ products are created by moms for moms, and that moms generally look to friends and influencers for advice, our messaging talked to moms directly by emphasizing life’s messy moments and the ways in which Boogie® Brands could minimize them. We featured real families and made it clear that moms could trust Boogie® Brands’ products to help get the whole family back to a sense of normalcy in no time.

The campaign to be crud-free.

Pairing our collected data with our messaging framework, the campaign reached mom where she is – online – and inspired her to purchase Boogie® Brands’ products from Target and Amazon. With a photo shoot via our in-house production studio, Curio, the creative ran across social, audio, digital, and paid search ads, reaching moms in every stage of the marketing funnel who were ready to bid farewell to boogies once and for all.  

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