Your one & done.

Native drops a major bop.


When Native began as a startup, eCommerce was the only way to infiltrate pits from coast to coast. Now, with a little help from last year’s No Is Our Whoa campaign, Native is poised for continued retail domination. So how did Native set out to conquer a whole new audience? We dropped a major ear-worm.

Our challenge

Make Native the number one natural deodorant on store shelves.

Let’s strategize.

Post-lockdown, people are more ready than ever to jump into natural products. But, the journey to find ones that actually work can be frustrating – especially when it comes to deodorant. And the reason for that is simple: Many customers aren’t willing to risk smelly pits for simple ingredients. So, to win these customers over, we had to convince them that Native works for 24 hours – unlike other natural deodorants. In other words: Native is your one & done.

Let's dance.

Reaching a broader audience meant going big to get their attention. To us, that meant collaborating with DJ-duo and style icons Coco & Breezy to launch a full-funnel campaign that’ll have you singing, “Native’s the One & Done for me” long after the spot is over. The goal? Have our target singing about Native at the grocery store, the gym, and even while hanging with the gals.

To maximize visual appeal, we cast backup dancers, created color-blocked sets, and used text animation to communicate Native’s best reasons to believe. Not only did the high-impact animations draw a clear line from our No Is Our Whoa campaign, but they added energy and message stickiness to the already bombastic visuals.

But that's not all.

Our music video concept wasn’t a one-and-done execution for this campaign. We also dreamed up separate :15 and :06 spots to bring 24-hour freshness to life in a whole new light. The :15 boasts a more traditional brand story reinforced by smart match cuts and punchy copy, while the choir :06 brought Native’s 50,000 five-star reviews to life with a celebratory high note.

Catch all the spots now on cable TV, Hulu, YouTube, and social.

Diversity commitment

It's more than selling deodorant.

Our campaign may have driven a surge of sales and awareness ... but if we didn't represent our audience fairly – we failed. We're proud to announce that Your One & Done earned a 111 GEM score from SeeHER – indicating appropriate representation and effectiveness with the target consumer.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.