No is our whoa.

Curiosity and Native unleash the power of “NO.”


As Native, a top natural deodorant brand owned by P&G, grows from a DTC darling to DTC + Retail mega brand, we needed to drive awareness and sales while also emotionally connecting with our tribes (aka our target audiences) and staying true to the brand’s roots.

All of the fab, none of the nasties.

Our challenge was to convince consumers that Native is effective despite being safe. No aluminum. No parabens. No compromises. NO makes a better deodorant.

No is our whoa.

Look, we get it. Normally when you see the word “no”, you think no fun. No running around the pool. No laughing in the library. But the way NATIVE uses “no”? Well, think of it like… No wait times. No sales tax. No hurry. The more you think about it, the more you’ll see how no can be a great thing. Especially when it means a natural deodorant that actually works. That’s when “no” becomes a real whoa. We use “no” to get rid of the bad ingredients - no aluminum, no parabens. All of the sudden, “no” creates a safe, effective, and delightful-smelling deodorant. One that’s an all-day party for your pits.

360 full funnel campaign.

The fully integrated campaign includes everything you would think it would, plus a few surprises. Of course, there’s Google, Insta, audio, and social – but we also formed partnerships with Think Dirty and MikMak and loads of influencers. We have a :30s, :15s, and hundreds of assets to leverage across the consumer journey. The result? A full-funnel approach that reaches our tribes where they are, in a language they love, and drives them in store to purchase. Whoa. 

in the press
the results
ad effect

An excellent ad effectiveness score of 174, according to AI Studio.

Sales lift +137.6%
vs. YAGO

Our campaign generated an in-store sales lift in Target of +137.6% vs YAGO.

SeeHer GEM

An overall SeeHer GEM score of 107, indicating appropriate representation and effectiveness with the target consumer.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.