Western & Southern Financial Group

Gentle on my mind.

More than a tennis tournament.


Western & Southern Financial and Life Insurance Company has a proven track record of servicing clients across the financial spectrum. Yet, despite huge results and a small-company feel, outside of Cincinnati, W&S was mostly known for its sports partnerships and sponsorships. To build the right kind of brand awareness, W&S tapped Curiosity to build trust in what they do best: helping you live more and worry less. This meant reintroducing W&S with two national television spots that were equal parts finance and feeling.


Safety first.

To help the brand become a nationally recognized household name, we dove deep into qualitative research, competitive analysis, and social listening. Using this research, we discovered just how emotional money can be. And, how often our competitors only focused on the numbers. After diving into consumer insights, we noticed that, in the financial space, emotions span just about everything from incredible joy to pain and fear. Fear was ultimately the enemy: Fear of judgment, fear of not doing enough, fear of not having enough money, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of not knowing who to trust. All of this led us to the brand positioning: You’re safest with us – born from the insight that when we feel safe, it builds confidence and gives us the freedom to thrive.


One tune, two distinct messages.

Because most of our competition plays it safe by telling a highly logical story, there was a huge opportunity for W&S to tap into the fear, safety, and confidence journey. From this insight, Gentle On My Mind was born: A campaign that tells two emotional stories with one song. The best part? It spoke to the W&S audience in a language they love and reinforced our message of safety and freedom. The first spot taps into the partnership: spotlighting that advisor who is there for the good and the bad. The second taps into the feeling of confidence: following the story of twins who’ve been backed by Western & Southern since day one. Catch both spots below, or via CTV during major sporting events.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.