Love at first taste.

Rising to the occasion with double digit sales growth.

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Taking on the slumping fresh bread category requires a courageous solution. While Atkins, Keto, Paleo, Ketogenic and every other diet fad out there is making bread the enemy, Stonefire, a flatbread company, has been quietly baking up irresistible bread products created from an ancient family recipe. 

With category and consumer sentiment about bread stacked against us, we had to prove that naan flatbread isn’t something people should fear at all. In fact, it’s something you should love, over and over again.

The strategy.

Research into cultural and usage trends showed our core target, Culinary Curious women, felt passionate about Stonefire products after trial. They loved it. Can’t-stop-thinking-about-it, I-have-to-have-you kind of love. To support the love story we were witnessing, shopper data showed a 94% purchase intent after the first trial.

So how do we drive trial and HHP in a down category with a highly influenced and influential audience and become a staple in her grocery cart each week?

Love at first taste.

Something almost magical happens when you try Stonefire for the first time. It's a passionate experience of indulgence, superior quality of ingredients, and unmatched taste. The “Love at First Taste” campaign featured a group of real women trying Stonefire for the first time, capturing their authentic reactions and experiences.

In a single shoot, we created dozens of pieces of content to serve our target audience in an integrated campaign that included a retailer trial event, integrations with food-focused programming on Food Network, OLV, print, search and social media. Using 3rd party data and sequential messaging, we took the target audience on two unique journeys:  (1) educating new consumers with trial-focused messaging, and (2) reminding consumers of all of the delicious ways you can love Stonefire products through versatility-focused messaging.

Results you can taste.

The “Love at First Taste” activation achieved mouthwatering results, including an 18% brand lift and category-leading 27% sales growth YoY, all while the fresh bread category experienced record decline.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.