The candy shop collection.

Get your sugar rush on.


Letting ourselves indulge usually comes with strings attached. Every sugar rush has its sugar crash, right? Not when it comes to Native’s Candy Shop Collection — a line of candy-inspired scents formulated with clean ingredients that leave you feeling — and smelling — sweet.


Innocently clean, obnoxiously craveable.

Following the excess of the holidays, January is a time when consumers feel compelled to abstain from all indulgences. Despite this – and, heck, perhaps because of this – people are still looking for ways to bring brightness and pleasure to winter days. Native’s candy shop is an accessible opportunity to make good on a resolution.


Finding the sweet spot between “guilty pleasure” and “healthy habit”.

So how did we communicate the idea of permissible indulgence to our audience? First, we made our product line look irresistible — using a set that could’ve been pulled straight out of Willy Wonka’s Gen Z grandkid’s home — featuring tubs of taffy, floating gummy bears, shower heads pouring cinnamon hearts.

Then, we reminded our audience of what Native does best — formulating products that are just as clean as they are fun. 

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.