Run on nitro.

Walking on air.


Brooks is no stranger to innovation. And, when it comes to shoes that are lighter, faster, and more innovative – the running brand is always two steps ahead. So, when Brooks introduced their new line of nitrogen-infused shoes, they tapped us to get hardcore and casual runners alike to geek out over this serious upgrade.


3 … 2 … 1...
blast off.

For the launch to be a success, Brooks had to appease its fans by staying true to their core lines like Glycerin, Caldera, and Hyperion, while also being flashy enough to entice new runners to switch. Did we mention we also had to grow market share with casual runners while introducing many, many technical upgrades? No problem. That’s when it hit us: we had to make learning about these sciency upgrades … fun.


Science rules.

When you have real innovation that can actually improve your customers’ run, you want to tell the world about it. So, to get these nitrogen-infused kicks to fly off the shelf and onto runners' feet, we needed the perfect partner. Someone who understood the super smart science behind the technology, but could also explain it in a fun, “Ooo, I want those shoes!” way. So, we turned to TikTok where we discovered Dr. Raven the Science Maven – a modern-day Ms. Frizzle. Not only does Dr. Raven seamlessly blend swagger with science, but she makes learning fun and fun to look at. Using her unique talents, we created a Run on Nitro showcase and experiment that combined the Brooks Run Happy philosophy and Dr. Raven’s mission to make science fun for everyone. The result was share-worthy content that’s part chemistry, part product demo, and part Lady Gaga video.

Catch the campaign across YouTube, social, and the Run on Nitro landing page now.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.