Love moves.

The world runs on love.


Who doesn’t love love? It has us at hello. It makes us run to airports to catch planes before the love of our life is lost forever. It completes us. Love makes the world better. This Valentine’s Day we wanted to celebrate love in all shapes and colors, and down every path. That’s why, as part of Brooks’ ongoing, 365 days a year commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, we celebrated the launch of the Loves Moves collection by asking artists and creators in the community to share their own personal stories of how love moves them.

Our challenge

Convince runners that Brooks supports all who love and all who run.

Our strategy

All paths lead to love.

Although running has a low barrier to entry, the sport has a lot of work to do before it's considered inclusive for people of all shapes, colors, and expressions. To help more runners see themselves in the run, we wanted to highlight real LGBTQ+ stories of how love manifests itself in unexpected, unique ways along every path. In other words, “the world runs on love.”

Our creative

Moved to tears.

To bring this idea to life, we partnered with five LGBTQ+ and ally creators. All we asked? Show us how love moves you. The results were astounding – and quite honestly – brought tears to our eyes. Our final assets included fresh designs, Reels, mini-documentaries, and even personal stories of triumph. Meet some of our makers below.

Steph Grant


A wedding photographer from Texas, focusing on showcasing LGBTQ+ love and bringing more representation in the media.

Check out her photographY  ►

Shanee Benjamin

illustrator & painter

A queer artist from Brooklyn focused on uplifting Black, queer, female voices in the outdoor and creative space.

swoon over her arT  ►

Noah Camp

3D illustrator & designer

A 3D type illustrator and designer aiming to bring brightness and life to a messy reality.

Peep Noah’s art below  ▼

Erin & Caroline

photographers, writers & van lifers

A couple based in Asheville, NC who’s passionate about finding safe travel spaces for the LGBTQ+ community.

join them on the roaD  ►

Mikah Meyer

long-distance runner & advocate

A long-distance runner and LGBTQ+ advocate aiming to be the role model he never saw growing up. Mikah works to create safe spaces for the queer community across the country through his organization: Outside Safe Space.

Check out mikah's storY  ►

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