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Taking something off your plate by putting great food on it.

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You have high standards. Good news, so does FreshDirect. In our debut campaign, we set out to show busy New Yorkers that FreshDirect shares the same values for excellence they do. Wanting the best for yourself and your family feeds you. Procuring the best, feeds FreshDirect. Their passion to deliver you the best, freshest food possible – so you can focus on all the other things – is what gets FreshDirect up in the morning. Which is why they only work with farmers, fishermen, and staffers who share the same passion, too. The ones who carefully handpick the perfect food, store it at just the right temperature, and deliver it directly to your doorstep in no time. At FreshDirect we believe you’ve got enough on your plate. Let us take something off it, by putting great food on it.

The challenge

Convince busy New Yorkers, who don’t trust grocery delivery services to shop for the best food for their family, that FreshDirect isn’t grocery delivery, but a company with a shared passion to procure the best food.


Passion isn’t just a fruit. It’s a shared value.

You want the freshest and best food possible for yourself and your family, but that’s not always easy. It can mean traveling across town to hit up three or four different stores to find everything you want. We needed to show busy consumers that they can easily get all the amazing highest quality foods they want, by using a single source who shares their same passion for procuring the freshest and best foods possible.


Keeping it real.

Every parent can relate to the annoying, yet impressive, relentlessness of a child who wants a snack. Anyone who has ever shared household chores with someone understands that one of you is going to get the short end of the stick. Whether younger and living in the NYC, or raising a family in the burbs, to get our audience to consider FreshDirect as the easy solution to their specific food needs we crafted compelling and highly relatable stories - stories in which FreshDirect is the hero to our consumer’s busy life. Look for our FreshDirect work now on broadcast, online video, out-of-home and social.

Results so good you can taste it

While competitors remained relatively steady in the last quarter of 2022, FreshDirect saw significant gains across the board.

Total awareness




Unaided brand awareness


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