Food that delivers you.

Not just food delivery.


Being one of the first to the online food delivery game, FreshDirect has been delivering New Yorkers the freshest and best, local and loved foods right to their front doors for 20 years. But with large grocery stores and shopping apps like Instacart now also offering the convenience of online grocery shopping, FreshDirect’s passion and commitment to procuring the best, seasonal, picked at the peak of freshness food for your family hasn’t been recognized as it should. That’s why FreshDirect tasked us with refreshing the brand and creating a new platform that elevates it from grocery delivery services to a food brand that is rewriting the rules of food culture and eating excellence. Because why would you ever settle for just food delivery when you can have food that delivers you.

The challenge

Convince New Yorkers that FreshDirect isn’t just a food delivery service, it delivers better, fresher food and the time back to enjoy it with the people you love.


A life well lived.

Who has time to schlep all over New York going to 4 different shops to get the best and freshest food for their family? No one. But that doesn’t mean customers are willing to trade convenience for quality. FreshDirect makes your life better by taking the chore of going out to get groceries off your plate, without compromising your food experiences. 


ReFreshDirecting an iconic NYC brand.

To get our busy, foodie New York audience to see the added value of FreshDirect over regular grocery delivery services, we set the table with a fresh new positioning line and campaign that speaks to FreshDirect’s superior product and resulting food experience: Food that delivers you.

Through TV, OLV, print and OOH we created a campaign that not only toutes FreshDirect’s passion for procuring “the fish you’re ordering is still in the ocean” kind of fresh food and ingredients, it shows how the quality of the food can elevate the quality of New Yorker’s lives. And to stay true to the spirit of helping better New Yorker’s lives, we filmed in New York and featured New York artist, Imani Coppola, on the music track for all spots.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.