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Social media

Known for their signature party cut and edge-to-edge® toppings, legendary pizza chain Donatos was on a mission to turn up the heat on social. So how’d they do it? By creating timely, viral-worthy content that got consumers clamoring to swipe up.

business challenge

Revamp Donatos social channels to engage franchise owners and hungry customers.


Sinking our teeth in.

To get Donatos trending, we had to evolve their social voice from “mom” to “Donna Donato” – the fun-loving friend with a magnetic personality. In doing so, we gave ourselves the space to create lol-worthy content that builds brand loyalty and affinity – instead of just sales. This approach led to three key content buckets: Experiences you have when you eat Donatos, the Food that brings you together, and the Comfort that comes from your favorite cheesy indulgence. The results? A feed that resonates with audiences of all tastes.

Firing up the content ovens.

Once we delivered our fresh, new strategy, we filled feeds with trending memes, life moments you share over a pizza, delicious innovations (cauliflower wings, anyone?), and the latest TikTok sounds. We even partnered with Donatos via our TokShop program — a 3-month pilot where we test 'n' learn your brand on TikTok. Leveraging TokShop's trend-sensing sessions and rapid content development, we crafted a process to quickly activate upon TikTok’s ever-changing world of trends – resulting in over a dozen videos with the top-performers reaching over 5,000 views.

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