Charlie Banana

A little softness can change the world.

Curiosity and Charlie Banana make cloth diapers a win for everyone.

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When Charlie Banana came to Curiosity, they had big dreams and bigger goals for the cloth diaper category. With consumer interest in reusable, plastic-free products at an all-time high, now was the perfect time to relaunch the brand. That’s where we came in. Our goal? Come up with a “killer idea” that got the parents excited about diapers that not only do good but feel good.

Best for baby.
Best for planet.

Our challenge: Activate a big idea to convince parents that Charlie Banana is the best cloth diapering system.

A little softness.

When the future feels uncertain, a little softness can make a huge difference. That insight sparked our big idea: A little softness towards the planet and each other can make the world a little greener, kinder, and cozier for everyone. This led us to an awareness campaign built around a love letter written from mother to baby. The letter, which delivered a heartfelt message about the importance of choosing kindness and sustainability, not only sold parents on cloth diapers but struck a chord culturally. We then paired our script with a handcrafted art style that used human touch to make the connection between mother and baby not only emotional but tangible.

Softness meets strategy.

To crush our goal, we had to define and reach our target audience. This exploration sparked a brand new archetype: the joyful eco-warrior. These parents want what’s best for baby and the planet – no exceptions. That meant our killer idea had to prove that Charlie Banana cloth diapers are easy to use and made with supersoft, reusable materials. We also knew that it was key to reassure our target that when it comes to cloth diapering, we welcome progress, not perfection.

A spot made from sustainable materials.

To bring the spot to life, we needed to find a production house who shared our vision. That meant searching for a partner who values diversity and uses sustainable materials every step of the way. That search brought us Hayley Morris at NERD, a director who specializes in stop motion and hand-crafted visuals. See behind-the-scenes of Haley’s process above.

Total softness takeover.

From video and social assets to YouTube pre-roll, we made dozens of assets that aren’t only fun to look at, but live out Charlie Banana’s vision of building a better world for baby. The result? A library of heart-warming assets that calls us all to do a little better to make futures a little brighter.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.