Feel free with bāsd.

Combining a force-of-nature product with a mission that’s a force for good.


We’ve been taught that not everyone should feel pride in showing off their skin. And that if we don’t hide and cover-up, we’ll be shamed. Portrayals of bodies have either been overly sexualized or turned taboo to the point of embarrassment.

As an all-natural ingredient skincare brand, bāsd believes everyone should feel free to feel good in their skin. In our “Feel Free” digital campaign, we wanted consumers to know that bāsd stands for more than just amazing, toxic-free lotions and scrubs. They’re on a mission to empower more people to feel free to show themselves – inside and out – to the rest of the world.


No toxic ingredients. No toxic standards. 

bāsd consumers have their priorities straight. They understand the importance of treating themself in healthy ways. They care about being someone others can lean on. And they want to feel connected to the spaces they’re in. About the only things they don’t care for are senseless societal standards. Leveraging a provocative tone of voice, our creative communicated bāsd’s desire to do two things: strip the toxicity out of both skincare and cultural norms. 


Delivering all the feels to social feeds.

bāsd’s bold scents and silky smooth sensations are designed to unlock full-body experiences. In celebration of that, we focused our creative not only on the relief of finding an all-natural body lotion that won’t make you breakout – but how it feels to break free from the expectations others have placed on our own bodies.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.