Academy Sports + Outdoors

Have fun out there.

Fun is out there.


With a wide range of products catering to young, active, and fun-loving families, Academy Sports and Outdoors bridges the gap between everyday adventure and everyday value. Thankfully, there’s plenty of fun in that. So, we launched a new brand platform idea that shows what having fun out there truly means, while simultaneously building awareness for Academy’s huge stock of private and national brands.

Business challenge

Reposition Academy Sports + Outdoors as more than just a retailer; but an enabler of fun and long-lasting memories.


The stuff memories are made of.

When you buy from Academy, you're not just adding gear to your arsenal, you’re adding to your collection of "remember when" moments. It’s an ode to the families and friends who see every new day as a chance for connection, and who know that any open space is ripe for laughter and camaraderie.


Have fun out there.

At Academy Sports + Outdoors, there’s no one way to have fun.

So, to bring “Have fun out there” to life, we set out to highlight and create authentic, everyday moments showcasing how Academy plays a part in all of them. Over the course of a six-day shoot, we captured 50+ unique videos and a robust library of social-first assets to feed our full-funnel campaign set to highlight fun all season long including Father's Day, back to school, summer holidays, and more.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.