Love & hearts for your lady parts.

Linear TV

Vagina! Vagina! Vagina! 

If that just made you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, vaginas are still a taboo topic, which isn’t great for women’s health, the whole reason our client, pH-D Feminine Health, is in business.

‍Deeannah Seymour, who founded pH-D in 2014 after discovering the vaginal health benefits of boric acid – a holistic solution that for decades most women couldn’t access without a gynecologist, needed our help. With pH-D’s boric acid suppositories available at over 50,000 retail locations worldwide, we needed to let women everywhere know about it.

We needed to make The Personal public.

The challenge

Power to the V.

Our challenge was to evocatively prove that pH-D is the brand to liberate and revolutionize women’s healthcare across generational divides. And, boost brand awareness by 5%.

The strategy

We don’t give a blueberry muffin what you call it.

Whether you’re a woman comfortable shouting “vagina!” from the proverbial rooftops, or it’s “just not something you talk about,” all women, across all generations, need to seriously care about their own vaginal health. So, in order to invite all women into the conversation we thought we’d meet them wherever they were on their vagourney. However you feel comfortable talking about your lady parts, it’s all good, let’s start there.

The creative

A flower by any other name.

Sometimes your flower doesn’t smell as sweet. Sometimes it’s dry and itchy. Sometimes it outright burns. And almost all of the time you don’t want to talk about it. So, what’s the best way to get people to talk about an uncomfortable subject? Humor.

“Beaver, Taco, Cootie Cat, we don’t give a blueberry muffin what you call it, as long as you take serious care of it.”

Shot in Stockholm with directors Nicolina (Nico) Knapp and Magnus Hardner of B-Reel Films, we created a 30-second spot and two 15s, that use the funny names women already call their vaginas and vulvas, to make them smile, disarm them to any taboo about the subject, and get them to think and openly talk about their vaginal health.

The roll out

Navigating the networks is a vagourney.

Talking to multiple generations is a challenge in itself, but it’s made even more difficult when you can’t reach the women you need to, because your commercial is deemed “explicit of thought” and not “family friendly” by many of the networks. But, navigate we have!

Hoo-ha! Let’s go!

The campaign will launch July 8th on CTV, OLV, Social and on Linear TV – HGTV, FOOD, E!, BRAVO, MTV, VH1, BET, ID, OWN, OXYG, WeTV!

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.