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Your life sounds great.

Don’t let a buzz ruin your life.


The “buzzed driving is drunk driving” message has been around for decades, carving out its own recognizable place in culture. And while the campaign has made a huge impact since its inception, many people, especially young men, still believe that driving buzzed isn’t as risky or dangerous as driving drunk. The reality is that on average an alcohol-impaired driving fatality occurred every 39 minutes in America in 2022, many at the hands of buzzed drivers. Recognizing the gravity of the challenge, we set out on a mission to change the way young men think about buzzed driving by showing them what they have to lose.

Business Challenge

Shift how men aged 21-34 think about buzzed driving and change their post-drinking behavior.


Don’t flirt with fate.

To understand how our audience feels about driving buzzed, we hung out with men at bars.

Through casual and honest conversations, we learned that our target perceives buzzed driving as an acceptable risk, especially when plans unfold last minute. They agree driving buzzed COULD be dangerous – but they still do it. Mostly because they don’t believe there’s a lot at stake – or that they have a lot to lose.

When asked what would motivate them to reconsider driving home buzzed, they unanimously answered their loved one’s well-being. This insight was validated through testing – revealing that driving recall for memories spent with their nearest and dearest would be a compelling motivator for behavior change. To deliver on this truth, the creative imperative was to create a powerful and subconscious mnemonic to trigger these moments in the minds of our target audience. The results? Sound-driven vignettes designed to convince our audience that driving buzzed isn’t worth risking injury, loss, and hurting the ones you love.


Your life sounds great.

Live band karaoke, playing cards with friends late into the night, just shooting the breeze in your backyard on a warm summer night, when you’re in the moment, having a little impromptu fun with your friends, you aren’t thinking about how precious your life is. You’re living it. So, even though you have a buzz, you think you’re okay to drive. You aren’t thinking about the risks. But, the truth is, a buzz can be deafening. It can drown out and ruin the pretty great life you’ve built for yourself. This campaign reminds you that your life sounds pretty great. Why risk it?

Shot in first person, our audience steps into the main character’s shoes with VO that embodies both gratitude and caution layered over recollections of a life that sound…pretty great. Throughout the spot, our hero character sees life flash before their eyes like a memory and a premonition – leaving our audience to contemplate the sweetness of life and how they put it at risk when they choose to drive buzzed.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

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