Holland America Line

The time of your life.

Take to the seas.


Entering their 150th year of cruising, Holland America Line has been an established, revered and industry-defining force for quite some time. But as we all know, 2020 crumbled the cruising status quo and redefined travel as we knew it for everyone. As travel buoys from a topsy-turvy two years, Holland America Line is aiming to re-solidify what made it a top tier cruise line while evolving their services and offerings to appeal to the modern 50+ traveler.

The challenge

Position Holland America Line as a cruise line that makes the personal paramount, more so than any other cruise offering, and delivers unforgettable experiences every time you travel.


It's a matter of time.

One of the many things the pandemic taught us was to value our time. We should spend it living the way we want to live, going where we want to go, doing what we want to do. Capitalizing on this insight, we knew that travelers’ leisure time was immensely important to them. Thus, it was imperative we bridge their personal proclivities with Holland America Line’s attention to personal service and detail. This would be our sweet spot. 


A personal twist.

Conventional cruising has an “everything for everyone” feel, sometimes in both messaging and experience. There isn’t much agency to have things your way. The thousands of guests seem to move as one, from the pools to the parties; from the go-kart courses to the Cayman Islands. Holland America Line is different. It possesses this special kind of magic where 2,000 can feel like one. That’s because, as our :30 spot alludes to, they “take the time to get to know you.” Our campaign emphasizes the personal experiences and personal emotions of our guests, all facilitated by Holland America Line’s personal service. It’s in the way we play “your song” and make “your day.” It’s in the way we “tend to every little detail for everywhere you want to go.’ Ultimately, in our campaign—an array of :30, :15 and :06 spots running through TV, OLV and OTT—this is all meant to add up to one thing, the time of your life, time and time again.

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.