Marathon season.

Keeping it real on the run. 

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Brooks seeks to inspire runners of all levels to see themselves in the run. Whether you’re lacing up for the first time, or training at an elite level, Brooks has shoes and gear that will help you get there. No matter how you get to your finish line, “It’s Your Run.”

Business Challenge

Authentically engage emerging and dedicated runners alike by inspiring them to set and conquer new goals.


A marathon, not a sprint.

Running is a sport with a relatively low barrier to entry, and plenty of exciting motivation to join. Marathons and other major races take place across the country in the summer and fall. But what does it really take to make it to mile three, 13, or 26.2? This docuseries is designed to inspire runners to set big goals, and feel confident in following a training plan to get there.


Documenting three journeys.

For this series, we followed three runners as they trained for a 5K, a half marathon, and a full marathon. Romond, Andy, and Jillian documented their daily lives as they put in the miles to train for these goals. Along the way, we get to witness their challenges, triumphs, and hilariously human moments. It’s these moments that allow a wide range of runners to see themselves, relate to our three stars, and ultimately root for them as they achieve their goals.

The series consists of three films, as well as social-first content that brought followers along on the journey. The films and social content were created and produced in-house at Curiosity through its award-winning content studio, Curio.

How we brought it to life

Anything for the shot.

When creating a docuseries, much of the magic happens in the unexpected. Even if that means a torrential downpour on race day. No matter what it took, our three runners and production team captured the good, the bad, and the soggy. Resulting in an engaging, emotional, and deeply relatable journey. 

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