Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Advertising has a diversity problem.

Our goal is to champion diversity by acknowledging bias, removing barriers, and creating more opportunities⁠ for inclusion. By transforming Curiosity, we hope to affect positive change in our community and our industry.

We pledge to continuously educate ourselves, our families, and each other, because we know that unlearning and relearning is key to affect ongoing change. Because only when we do this, can we commit to effectively act and make a difference in our community. Check out our recent progress below.

More than talk: our ongoing work.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion task force tackles four pillars for change:

& Awareness

To listen is to advocate.

& Career Pathing

To hire is to enable.


To create is to empower.

A Better

To champion is to change.

Diversity at Curiosity.

We want to ensure people with marginalized identities are represented at every level of our company. We are implementing and enforcing new practices to affect change including teaming up with Ellequate and independent consultants to create a roadmap to hold ourselves accountable. We're also committed to publishing out progress on an annual basis.

Production matters.

We are storytellers who craft narratives. These narratives affect how others see gender, race, ability, sexuality, religion, and more. That’s why Curiosity has implemented new production policies and requirements to include more bids from women, non-binary and BIPOC directors. 

In fact, our work with Native Deodorant put our new policy to work. This project was 75% women-led and had 30% BIPOC representation both on- and off-camera.

Check out our commitment to higher production standards.

Read a sample of the letter we send to our clients and production partners.

Great collaborations are built on shared vision, shared goals, and strong communication. At Curiosity one goal that is of the utmost importance to us is diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. We are committed to championing diversity by acknowledging bias, removing barriers, and creating opportunities for inclusion--transforming our agency, our community, and our industry.
We know this vision is equally important to you. As we enter the new year, we’d like to take this as an opportunity to align on our production principles as they relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As marketers, we have an opportunity to effect real change with our decision making. With every choice we make we will aim to accurately and authentically represent a diverse and inclusive range of people. Similarly, we will hire and support crewmembers of all gender identities, races, ethnicities, religions, ages, sizes, abilities, and sexual orientations. Ultimately, our goal is that 30% of those involved in our productions both on and off camera will ladder up to our diversity goals. Our work together will be a celebration of diversity and inclusion in both the final product and the team who produces it. 

Strong communication has been instrumental in our success together, and our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals will be no different. Only through open and honest conversation can we move the needle of equity forward. So, we hope you will challenge us. Know that we welcome and encourage you to hold us accountable at every point of our partnership.
Thank you for joining us as we deepen our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion for all together.

Multiplying our impact via partnerships

Partnering for industry-wide change.

We’ve formed strategic partnerships to build our knowledge and strengthen our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry.

Curiosity is the first independent integrated agency to join ANA’s SeeHer movement, the nation’s largest gender equality movement.

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Curiosity is Ellequate Certified, marking an important step in fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

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Curiosity is the first agency to sponsor the Midwest cohort for The ONE Club for Creativity’s ONE School, a free portfolio school for Black creatives.

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Got ideas?
We’re all ears.

Want to collaborate, brainstorm or create something that could affect change in the advertising industry? We want to hear from you.