Over the past year, TikTok has skyrocketed to nearly surpass Instagram as a top social media download. While you might think of TikTok as the app where you do embarrassing dances, view messy challenges, and find Gen Z hanging out - it’s so much more than that. It's a treasure trove for discovery. It has full-funnel capabilities. And it's ripe with opportunities for brands.

TikTok has the power to introduce, educate and sell new consumers on your brand or new product — full funnel. The secret? Raw, low-fidelity content. Why? People don't go to TikTok to watch ads. They go to watch TikToks. So that's what we make. And that's how we'll leverage relevant trends to share your brand ethos.

That’s why we developed TokShop – an immersive three-month pilot program where we put your brand to the test on TikTok.

With TokShop, we create 12-16 organic TikToks. This is done over a 3-month period broken into 6 two-week creation mods. This strategy lets us stay as relevant as possible, so you can get access to real-time reporting and the most accurate picture of how you're performing.

TokShop requires an open mind and willingness to dive in. We can’t guarantee every TikTok we produce will go viral, but that’s the point! Let's test and learn and test again until we find the formula that fits your brand.

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Check out our whitepaper, "How Brands Can Win the TikTok War," from Brandemonium 2021.

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