December 28, 2022

With great advertising comes great responsibility

Anna Tumenok

Copywriting Intern

When the world is in a turbulent place, it feels amazing working at a company that’s tuned in to current events and wants to do good by making a difference.

Although I was excited for my first few weeks at Curiosity … back home, things were a different story. Earlier this year, Russia decided to invade Ukraine. My home country. And while I wish circumstances were different for my friends and family, I seemed to join Curiosity at the perfect time. Because, ironically, Curiosity’s latest project is for Ukraine.

This holiday season we didn’t want to bombard employees and clients with wear-once-in-blue-moon-swag or dust-collecting-mugs. We wanted to create a project that would create change and help the world. It just so happened that Ashley Walters, our Chief Development Officer here at Curiosity, met Julia Petryk, co-founder of Ukraine’s PR Army and Head of PR at MacPaw at the 2022 Cannes Lions Festival. One conversation bloomed into a powerful friendship that’s making WAVES. In fact, their friendship inspired Curiosity to help Ukraine in their fight for freedom. That’s when Bathtub Creative was born. 

The vision for Bathtub Creative was to create a “fake” agency that works strictly from their bathtubs to showcase the hardships that the Ukrainian people go through every day. A long scroll through the homepage will make you quickly realize how absurd, but real, the situation is. The site pulls everything together with the option to buy soap or donate to the McPaw Foundation in Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds will go to supporting the Ukrainian people and providing them with the items they need the most. 

You always hope that the work you do is something you can be proud of and makes a difference. I could not have been more proud of what we have accomplished with Bathtub Creative, especially with the project hitting so close to home. I would buy all 275 soaps if I could. Speaking of, go buy soap!!!! Or donate. If you are able. 

Pro-bono work is one of the greatest things an advertising agency can do. Advertising holds a lot of power and agencies have the means to use that power for good – or not. Sure, ads can bring in the big bucks for clients (and maybe a few awards along the way), but that’s not all they’re good for. It can help local communities conquer hardships and even tackle global issues. In my mind, creatives who choose to help the world with pro-bono work most definitely wear capes behind their keyboards. I choose to be one of them – promising to use my superpowers for good. And I think we should all put on our capes once in a while. 

Being from Ukraine, I think about the war every single day. From the moment I start the day, it’s the first thing on my mind. Thinking of ways to help, finding new places to donate, checking in on family – hoping they have electricity and my calls go through. That’s why Bathtub Creative is my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. The best news? It’s already raised $8000 for the people of Ukraine. It doesn’t make the realities of the war easier – but you can’t beat that feeling of helping a defender, mother, father, or child somewhere in my home country. 

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