November 23, 2021

2021 Masters of Marketing Conference: Inspired by good

Peyton Sutton

EVP, Client Partnership

Earlier this month, Curiosity sent a team to join the world’s top marketing experts at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando. While our industry continues to endure the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ever-changing marketing landscape, this conference creates a platform for thought leaders from across the globe to discuss winning strategies and the future of the industry. Throughout the event, our team was inspired by leading executives at companies like McDonald’s, Visa, Amazon, and our friends at Procter and Gamble.

The theme of the 2021 Masters of Marketing conference was a call for brands to become “a force for good, and a force for growth.” Procter and Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard shared this yin and yang concept as the formula for success for brands in 2021 and beyond. In this context, becoming a force for good means aligning your brand to a mission or corporate social responsibility. And in order to be a force for good, you must also be a force for growth – meaning you must grow your business, your product innovation, and your bottom line to support your mission. The two must be interconnected. You cannot be a force for good without being a force for growth. And, with today’s consumer expectations, you can not be a force for growth without being a force for good. Consumers simply expect more. 

Becoming a force for good is about so much more than identifying a purpose – it’s about creating and defining an ambition for your brand – all with a bias towards action. Warby Parker is a brand that has done this incredibly well through their “Eyesight for all” initiative. Through this social venture, Warby Parker has made it easy for low-income Americans to get access to high-quality eyewear. What can we learn from Warby Parker’s brand ambition?

  • Rooted in insight: Over 15% of the world’s population lacks access to glasses. This makes it difficult for visually impaired people to navigate the world and succeed professionally.
  • Authentic to the brand: The insight has a strong tie to Warby Parker’s product line and its mission to inspire and impact the world through vision, purpose, and style.
  • Quantifiable change: By identifying a data-driven insight and challenge to solve, Warby Parker can quantify the change they’ve created in the world. To date, that means over 54,000 pairs of glasses given to those in need.

What if all brands dreamed as big as Warby Parker did? We at Curiosity are ready to do our part.

We’re on a mission to help our partners discover their brand ambition, unlock their force for good, and build their force for growth. We will be covering our journey with our brand partners in subsequent Dead Cats content throughout 2022. If this inspires you, let’s get in touch and help unlock your brand’s ambition together.

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