2020 didn’t play games. So we made one.

2020 may be over – but chances are – you’re not done processing it. Particularly the ways it’s shaped us, our outlook on life, and our relationships. At Curiosity, we believe that even when human connection is difficult, asking the right questions can bring us closer together. That's why we made a game that doesn't just make connection easier – it makes it fun.


Just Curious

Made to be played amongst family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers, Just Curious makes connection collaborative – because you can only win by working together.

How it works.

When you spill your guts, you add points to your team's total. The game's over when your team reaches 100 points. But it's not that simple: There are plenty of opportunities for dare-style Wild Cards, completely-savage Player Cards, and chances to make the game your own.

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Just Curious: a therapeutic game of burning questions

Ideal for groups of 2-6
Playtime: 45-60 minutes
Includes instructions for remote play.

$20 + $10 flat rate ground shipping

The reviews are in: #JustCurious is a hit!

“Our family had so much fun playing this game – and the laughter was peppered with some really deep conversations. Who knew dad hated doing the dishes so much??"

“Played this with wifey over happy hour and our abs were so sore from laughter. Considering we’ve been cooped up together all year, I could not believe the depth of conversation.”

“My face literally HURT from smiling so much!"

“I made my boyfriend of several months play with me, and I got so excited realizing how much we still have left to learn about each other!"

Just Curious is inspired by the recent card game-craze, and to us, felt like the perfect ending to 2020. We originally designed this game as a gift for our clients – but we loved it so much – we had to get others in on the fun.

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