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Digital Media Strategist

Victor Minella

Victor and Curiosity are a match made in heaven: both Cincinnati-born and looking to put their names, and their city, in the spotlight. From YouTube's infancy to the short-lived fizzle of Vine and now that TikTok is all the rage, Victor has wanted to become famous on an online video platform; and now he gets to help our clients try to accomplish the same goal. He got his start in the marketing world working on PPC campaigns and SEO strategies and eventually made his way to managing both paid and organic social media accounts at Curiosity. Victor’s analytical mind, strategic thinking, and digital background have helped provide clients cohesive and data-driven media plans. In his free time, you’ll find Victor traveling the country to see his favorite bands or sitting on his couch watching his favorite teams (probably lose).

Feel that? That’s curiosity.

Let’s solve something together.