May 25, 2021

DOWNLOAD: Sh*t Happened – How the new consumer mindset will forever change the CPG world

The Curiosity Strategy Team

What the fu** happened last year?

Was it a dream (or, rather, nightmare)? No, it was real. And, brands from all walks of life had to adjust—and will continue to have to be flexible as we recover. What we went through impacted consumers the most—from what they expect from brands to how they choose to buy from brands. Behaviors have changed. Luckily, the Curiosity strategy team has been keeping a pulse on the various habits that have come about over the course of the pandemic. Some lurking around a bit before pandemic and escalated as a result, while some are brand spanking new. In this document, we’ll take you along on how CPG brands can adjust accordingly to the consumer mindsets.

We’ll look into this rising shift of consumers expecting brands to take a meaningful stance on a social cause—and actually making a change. Then, we’ll explore how consumers are now connecting with brands using third party platforms—being that we had to do everything online. Finally, we’ll take a dip into the “convert” stage of the media funnel and emphasize the e-commerce boom.

Buckle up, folks, we’re hitting some hot topics.

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